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First we need to hear from you! Complete and turn in your acceptance application and references. Once the application process is completed, you will be notified of your acceptance as a team member.

Are there any age requirements to participate in the Camp program?

Yes. We require that volunteers traveling without family be 18 years of age or older.

Are there any exceptions to the age requirement?

Yes. Underage team participants must interview with a BEYM staff member and in addition, must be:

  • at least 16 years of age
  • accompanied by a parent or adult (similar in age to parent) who is an accepted team member and is willing to accept legal guardianship of the applicant while on this trip. This adult will also be responsible for any medical decisions or important decisions that have to made for this person
  • mature
  • experienced in extended mission trips or travel (one week or longer)
  • experienced in working with children
  • able and willing to participate as a regular team member
  • flexible and able to “rough it” (likes camping, using outdoor toilets and showers…)
  • accepted as a team member through the regular application process in addition to the processes for underage applicants

Are there any physical dangers in travelling to Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country of political turmoil and is sometimes economically threatened by Russia, but is a fairly safe country to travel in from the perspective of military or political or criminal harm. However its infrastructure is not good and there are traffic and other physical dangers to just be cognizant about.

All places pose risks, and we all know that Ukraine and the Eastern portion of the country is in conflict. The BEYM camps are in the Central and Western portions of the country, and we have been blessed with no major issues or fears and only through many portions of Ukraine for ten years. We do issue precautionsinvolving such common travel issues as: pick pockets and baggage theft, hotel room theft, etc. These risks are true for any travel destination and are easily managed through awareness and practicing safe travel habits (i.e.using luggage locks).

Are there any other challenges?

This trip is a significant challenge to all team members. It is physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually difficult. The activity level at all camps is extremely high and fairly constant. All team members need to be prepared to be constantly in motion, with little sleep, poor food and poor sanitary conditions. Being away from your family for three weeks with very limited opportunity for contact is extremely difficult emotionally and requires appropriate preparation with your family. The trip is spiritually uplifting, challenging, and fulfilling.

It may sound scary and intimidating, but we wish to be honest and transparent about the hurdles of Mission Work. But ask any of our established volunteers about it, and they will tell you that our God is biggerand more powerful than any obstacle, and that He will lift us over each hurdle. Many of us return— year after year— because we believe it worthy of our love, energy and time. We feel the gentle hand of God guiding us along.